Brand Strategy

We help brands win hearts.

A Brand is more than just a logo, or a business card. A brand is the emotion people associate with you when they see your logo.
It’s what they say about you.

For a brand to be truly successful, it’s necessary to re-look and review our goals and journey at least every 12 months. Are we still speaking the right language? Are “our people” still listening, or have we missed the mark?

We enable brands to speak the language in such a way that their customers fall in love again. We equip you with the right tools and assist with channels to enable companies to be a sustainable brand and grow towards industry leaders.

What do we do in brand strategy?

This is a strategic planning framework to facilitate customer centric design.

We will define and prioritize customer needs

Define your brand’s essence and goals

Produce tangible goal-oriented results

What is a Brand Strategy?

It’s how to move from point A to point B, the process of achieving the company goals whilst aligning it with the customer needs.

What will we be looking at?

The Brand
Brand attributes
Sales & Marketing
Existing problems & Ongoing challenges
Current benefits & success to be leveraged
UI / UX Design

The Customer
Unmet client/ customer needs
Customer persona
Changing customer behaviours and attitudes
Customer Flow
User stories (scenarios)

The Market Place
Emerging ideas & Trends
Opportunities to differentiate
competitive analysis

Design Strategy is not about what we like. It’s about what’s right for the customer.

Our Process


Discovery phase

We dig into the core of the brand. We do a workshop to measure, discover, and reflect on the vision, goals, and obstacles. We do case studies, look into the customer, and hear all their needs, likes, dislikes. We rediscover the core and start the roadmap to the goals.


Strategy Phase

We have a brainstorming session to find solutions to plan tangible outcomes. We involve you in the process to ensure you’re up to speed and align with the brand’s vision.


Delivery Phase

Once we have a clear vision, strategic branding direction, and guide, we design, develop, and launch deliverables. We do testing and fix the problem areas.


Measuring Phase

We measure the results, monitor, and give feedback while planning a roadmap of improvements.

If we have a clear picture of who we are and our goals are mapped out with a concrete plan of action, the rest will slide in to place.